14 best marketing strategy books to read

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Which marketing strategy books to read or not to read is actually a harder decision than it might sound. There certainly are plenty of bestsellers out there. Some are the right ones for you and some might not be. So with that, here are 14  marketing books to read, according to me, and why.

Let’s take a look…

High-impact content marketing

High-performance content marketing” by Purna Virji puts frameworks around content success and helps teams be more strategic. Great tips. You can use them immediately.

High-impact content marketing


Steve Miller’s book is a fantastic read on the topic of how to stand out in the market. It’s not about being better but it’s about being uncopiable. Great tips and insights.

How to learn how to be uncopyable

Voice Marketing

Voice marketing is certainly a topic marketing teams need to consider and the authors of “Voice Marketing: Harnessing the Power of Conversational AI to Drive Customer Engagement” do a great job explaining and teaching this topic.

Writing for Humans and Robots

Maddy Osman’s book “Writing for Humans and Robots” is a great read to understand and learn how all content creation today needs to keep the different audiences in mind. And that includes people and machines.

marketing books to read - writing for humans and robots

Listen to Maddy talk about the topic on “The Business Storytelling Show.”

Email Marketing Rules

Chad White’s “Email Marketing Rules” is just full with useful tips that you can use today in your email marketing. It’s a quick read and it’s easy to jump between different rules as you see fit for your specific needs.

marketing books to read: Email marketing rules

Going Live: Live-streaming your podcast

In my book “Going Live,” I discuss why and how you should livestream your podcast for additional reach and success.

marketing books to read: Going live

Amazon FBA, Dropshipping Shopify, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing

Steven Sparrow’s book Amazon FBA, Dropshipping Shopify, Social Media & Affiliate Marketing” is a really good overview of drop-shipping and affiliate marketing. While not all teams will want to make those strategies part of their implementation, it’s worth considering for some teams and businesses.

marketing books to read drop shipping and affiliate marketing

The Web3, Metaverse and AI Handbook

Mitch Jackson gives us a quick overview of what we need to know to understand Web3, the Metaverse and even in AI in his book.

marketing books to read - web 3

Belonging to the brand

Mark Schaefer talks about the importance of community for companies in his book, “Belonging to the Brand.”

belonging to the brand

Reinvent your business online

John Weiler’s “Reinvent your business online” gives some great tips on the basics of digital marketing for any business.

reinvent your business online marketing book

Listen to John talk about his book on “The Business Storytelling Show.”

Prove It

Melanie Deziel’s “Prove it: Exactly how modern marketers can earn trust” reminds us of the importance of building trust with our consumers and target audiences.

prove it

Listen to Melanie talk about her book on “The Business Storytelling Show.”

The Content Puzzle

Andi Robinson shares in “The Content Puzzle… and the missing piece” the different areas that need to be considered in a good content strategy. She also discusses how specific situations and tactics can differ from team to team.

the content puzzle by Andi robinson

Listen to Andi talk about her book on “The Business Storytelling Show.”

The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business

Branded search can easily be overlooked by companies. That’s why Jason Barnhard’s book “The Fundaments of Brand SERPs for Business” is so important and insightful.

branded search marketing book

Rethink Lead Generation

Tom Shapiro’s book “Rethink Lead Generation” is full of good information on how to get more out of your lead generation efforts today.

rethink lead generation

Listen to Tom talk about his book on “The Business Storytelling Show.”

There certainly are more books to consider and you can view my entire list of book recommendations in my Amazon Store. 

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