How can I set up a LinkedIn newsletter?

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The new LinkedIn newsletter pilot feature is now live and it’s pretty great. You can send newsletters directly from within LinkedIn to your connections, who are then asked to subscribe.

First, turn on creator mode.

Once creator mode is turned on, you can also send a newsletter to subscribers directly in the LinkedIn platform. To see if you have that option available, go to the top of your homepage on LinkedIn and click “write article.” If you can set up your newsletter, you get the “create a newsletter” option.

LinkedIn newsletter setup

Click on “create a newsletter” to set up some of the administrative stuff, like the name, frequency, an image and description.

Linkedin newsletter setup

I created a quick image in Canva for the newsletter, which I’m calling “Christoph’s Content Corner.”

Christoph's content corner on linkedin

From there, go back to writing an article. That same article then gets send as the newsletter.

Christoph's content corner on linkedin

To get the cover image, I simply resized my logo bug to the top image size.

When you click publish, LinkedIn sends out an invite to your network.

In just a few hours, I was closing in on 200 subscribers.

LinkedIn newsletter subscribers

Overall, I’m a fan and will see if it works longer term. You can do this from profiles but not pages for now, from what I can see.

As always, though, please do keep in mind that all content that you send should be useful and relevant. Don’t just send stuff to send stuff. Also, test. See what works and what people like. For now, metrics are limited, though. You can see how many people have subscribed and that’s it.

To see the subscriber number, click on “discover more” in the left sidebar and then click on “newsletters.”

From last year when LinkedIn first rolled out this test:

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