How to create thumbnail for LinkedIn video

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Thumbnails matter on videos and they can drive YouTube video clicks. And there might be a small case to also do that on LinkedIn, which then causes the question of how to create thumbnail for LinkedIn video.

So let me show you how to do that.  One thing is for certain you cannot choose a thumbnail for a LinkedIn live video after the conclusion of the live stream. You can pick a thumbnail however for a scheduled Linkedin live.

Uploaded videos

You can add a specified thumbnail for a video directly uploaded to LinkedIn. And this works for pages and personal profiles.

Start creating a post and click on media.

Uploading video to Linkedin

Then click upload from

Uploading a video to Linkedin

Once the video is uploaded you can click on the photo icon and either upload a thumbnail that you created in another software tool or you could even take a screenshot and upload that as a thumbnail.

In this case, I simply took a screenshot of a freeze frame that looked better than what was picked automatically.

Then upload that screenshot on the right.

So that’s how you do that.

Do we really need a thumbnail?

Is a thumbnail really necessary? I am thinking it’s not nearly as important as it is over on YouTube. I have my videos playing on auto play on LinkedIn so I never even see thumbnail because the video just plays. But if you have one available that’s easy to add, why not add it?

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