Are anti-fatigue mats worth it?

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I stand for several hours at my standing desk every day. Usually in the morning for a bit and then I sit down for a few hours and then I stand to wrap up the day. Typically. I don’t like podcasting while standing, but writing while standing and even meetings work just fine. And while this is a daily occurrence for me, I know many people are wondering are anti-fatigue mats worth it?

And yes, I do use a mat and I had actually been using a mat for a number of years and then I needed a new one and was struggling one of the right thickness. Let’s look at some of the options that are available.

Standard standing mat

These are the ones that are in the traditional rectangle style and they’re typically anywhere from .6 inches to maybe just over an inch thick.

Traditional standing mat


I tried these and they just seem very thin. Maybe they’ll work for you but the one I previously had seemed to be thicker. I couldn’t tell you how much thicker but thicker. Standing on these – even with shoes on, didn’t feel as cushy as I personally would like.

They certainly can work for you, but they weren’t my favorite.

Finding the right size

This mat  is 3/4 of an inch thick and comes in a number of different sizes.

The different sizes of anti-fatigue meds

Many mats actually do come in different sizes and it’s important to get the right size for your set up. In my set up, I don’t need it to be huge because I just put my gaming chair to the back of my little area and then put the mat there while I’m standing.

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Something even thicker

None of those options that I tried recently worked. They just weren’t thick enough. So I ran across this ergo driven standing mat with a thickness of almost 3 inches. It’s really fantastic and I love the different ways of being able to stand.

Ergo driven standing mat

So overall, are anti-fatigue mats worth it? Absolutely. I love my standing desk and I love rotating between the different positions of standing and sitting.

From my perspective, a standing mat is completely necessary, helpful and worth it. Of course it also depends on the price but currently many options do come in under $100.

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