Slip-on: Try these work-from-home shoes

Wearing shoes while working from home is primarily a personal decision, absent a condition related to foot desensitivity. I like to wear shoes while working from my home office and studio.

Consider how you work during the day. For example, are you taking calls on an office treadmill? Do you use a standing desk, or do you mainly put your feet up on an under-the-desk footrest? I often mix all three – though I used to walk more on my under-desk treadmill in prior years.

It’s good to know how you work and what feels comfortable. For example, do you use an office setup (which I would recommend), or do you build an office on the couch – in which case you might not want to wear shoes at all?

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These work-from-home shoes slip right on for me.

Under Armour Street Encounter

The Under Armor Street Encounter has been my absolute favorite for a long time of work-from-home-shoes. It comes in various colors, looks good, and is comfortable sitting or standing at my standup desk.

Work-at-home shoes under armor


Believe it or not, the Crocs are pretty comfortable. I see primarily children or younger adults wearing these, and many add stickers. Maybe we don’t see adults sport Crocs because they wear them while working from home. Either way, they are super comfortable.


work-from-home shoes crocs


What I like about the first two options as work-from-home shoes is that they can be worn inside and outside the home. So I don’t have to change if I need to run somewhere quickly. Another option for your feet’s comfort while working at home could be slippers – like these COFACE ones.

work-from-home shoes slippers

Even if you prefer another brand, there are plenty of choices available. While these are comfortable, I wouldn’t wear these on an errand out of the home.


These are closer to outside shoes, but I also like these Sketcher Fit Delson-Camben Sneakers to wear inside and out.


The most significant decision point comes down to what you prefer and what your day looks like. For example, I favor shoes I can wear inside the house and when I run a quick errand. I also like the ones that slip on without tying them.

Other times, I don’t wear shoes at all, but it does seem that my feet get cold somewhat quickly, so overall, I prefer wearing some footwear.

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