How to see YouTube dislikes

YouTube dislikes are now a thing, but the number of dislikes a video receives aren’t displayed publicly. That’s probably a good thing, but creators might still want to know. And there’s a way to tell. Let me show you two ways you can see how many dislikes – if any – your video received.

The public can only see how many likes there’ve been.

How to see YouTube dislikes (Instagram Reel) (1)

There are two ways for creators to see their YouTube dislikes:

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Seeing YouTube dislikes in the mobile app

To see dislikes from your phone, simply go to your videos in the YouTube app and click on the video you want to see metrics for.

youtube dislikes on mobile

Click on the video to get to the screen where you can the number of likes and dislikes.

On desktop

On desktop, you can see dislikes in the YouTube Studio. Use the drop-down when logged in in the top right of the screen to enter YouTube Studio. From there, you can see how many likes and dislikes each video has received. It also gives you a percentage breakdown.

seeing YouTube dislikes on desktop

How important is it to know the number of dislikes?

Certainly, knowing how many people didn’t like your video and took the time to click the button can be helpful. But also, don’t overthink it. Remember that most people just watch the video and don’t click like or dislike it. And the higher your viewing number is, the higher your likes and dislikes will be.

So, it’s good to know, but don’t give it too much influence or too little.

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