How to find your Amazon Affiliate link

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Amazon Affiliate links are, in theory, an easy way to make commissions from your content on websites, blogs, and social media. I use them here whenever I share a link to a product mentioned within the article’s context.  There’s two main places where on how to find your Amazon Affiliate link.

Find Amazon Affiliate link on desktop

On the desktop, just go to the top of the product page. (Make sure the affiliate’s strip is turned on.) Grab the link and ta-da. That’s it.

finding Amazon Affiliate link

Find Amazon Affiliate link on mobile

Writing blog posts and sharing content from your phone has become increasingly common. As a blogger using the Jetpack app on my iPhone to write and publish blog posts, I often want to include Amazon Affiliate links in my content, even when blogging on the go.

When I come across a product I’d like to recommend to my readers while browsing Amazon on my phone, it’s not as simple to grab the affiliate link as it is on desktop. This means I need to find a way to easily create and copy Amazon Affiliate links directly on my mobile device.

The same need applies when sharing product recommendations or other content on social media from my phone. Whether I’m sharing a link on Threads or sharing on LinkedIn, I want any links that point back to Amazon to include my Affiliate ID so I can earn commissions on resulting sales.

Having an easy way to generate Amazon Affiliate links on my iPhone ensures I can maximize my earnings potential even when blogging and sharing content from my mobile device. With the right tools, grabbing an affiliate link to use in my blog posts or social media updates takes just a couple of quick taps, making it painless to integrate into my on-the-go workflows.

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To ensure that Amazon knows you are sending affiliate traffic from off-site campaigns and content, you must use the correct links. Those are called affiliate links.

Does Amazon Associates have an app?

No, there’s no app to check your earnings, find links, and do other affiliate-related tasks. But you can grab affiliate links out of the regular Amazon Shopping app. And there’s an app for Amazon Live Creators, which you can use if you are approved to live stream on Amazon.

Amazon Live Creators app

Affiliate link on mobile

It’s now way easier to grab your affiliate link while on mobile. In May 2021, Amazon delighted me with adding functionality to the mobile app. Once on a product page, click share, and since I have an affiliate account setup, a new popup gave me the affiliate link.

how to get amazon affiliate link on mobile
how to get amazon affiliate link on mobile

Now I can use that directly from my mobile. I can also use the non-associates link if I prefer.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Wrap

The ability to easily generate Amazon Affiliate links on mobile devices is a game-changer for content creators like myself who blog and share recommendations on the go – or while sitting on the couch. I can now easily include affiliate links whether working from my desktop or mobile device.

As the retail world continues moving toward mobile, it’s promising to see a giant like Amazon evolving its affiliate platform to align with this trend. More integrated and intuitive mobile experiences reflect how creators create. It’s a win-win for creators like myself as well as for Amazon and its affiliates.

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