How to create and publish Amazon product videos

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All links to Amazon product videos and others on Amazon are affiliate links which means I get paid a small commission if you click and buy.

In addition to Amazon Live there’s another avenue for influencers on Amazon to use video content to talk about products. And that is through Amazon product videos.

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What are Amazon product videos?

Amazon product videos are short clips where somebody talks about the product. The videos are displayed fairly prominently on product pages. Here’s an example for the “Content Inc.” book video I produced. As you can see, I also use these videos on social media platforms. This is the example from Instagram.


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Once I upload the video it shows prominently on the book landing page. As you can see here it’s on the second scroll down on an iPad.

An example of an Amazon product video

How to produce the videos

For the most part, I record my Amazon product videos in my regular studio, which you can see a set up of here. Sometimes I do a handheld video if the product is suited for that. For example when I talked about the phone holder in my car.

I record with a 4K camera and use Switcher Studio as the production platform. Switcher is mostly used for live streaming but you can also use it to record a video production.

From there I upload them to my store front on Amazon.

Submitting an Amazon product video

Amazon has some rules to follow to make sure your video is approved.

  • Only tag products that are actually shown in the video.
  • Be authentic and actually have something to say about the product.
  • Don’t have unrelated calls to action. For example, I had my Twitter handle on the screen once and the video was rejected because people can’t click to follow me on Twitter.

Each video must have a thumbnail. For example, for books I use a version of this:

For bathroom products I use a version of this.

I create these graphics in Canva.

I use Switcher Studio to produce my videos and share how in this video:

How to create your storefront on Amazon to submit videos

To get started you have to become part of the Amazon Influencer Program. Apply here.

Once you’re in you can create your storefront and do Amazon live streams as well as upload these product videos.

Amazon looks at your social presence on other networks to see if you are a good fit. So social following numbers do matter in this instance.

After 10 published videos you can earn commissions when people watch your videos and buy something. It really didn’t take me long to get to 10 videos and incremental revenue is slowly but surely coming in from those uploads.

In addition, I like to be listed so prominently on Amazon product pages. So there’s also a bit of a branding play here. Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily want to talk about all kinds of products. Talk about the products that have something to do with your brand.

Now I take that to the edges of what I typically talk about. For example, I have done live streams and product videos for bathroom items, security cameras and so on. Those are not directly related to my main brand as a marketer but they are products that I use so I thought I would produce those videos as well.