How to get a transcript of a podcast on Spotify

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The answer to how to get a transcript of a podcast on Spotify is simple for the podcaster: It’s completely automated, and you don’t have a choice. (Aside from that, I don’t see many – if any – negatives to having a transcript with your show.) When you upload your podcast through the free podcast host Spotify for Podcasters, they make that a condition of you hosting there.

Here’s how the reminder looks when I upload a video episode:

how to get a podcast transcript on spotify

When it works, transcripts show up as an option in the episode description:

podcast transcript on spotify

Then the transcript looks like this. Speakers are identified as Speaker 1, 2, etc. So that is super helpful!

reading a podcast transcript on spotify

But I’ve noticed that there’s no transcript for more recent episodes. So perhaps there’s a delay in them being processed:

no podcast transcripts on spotify

I know on Apple Podcasts it takes a bit of time for transcripts to show, though not days.

So that’s how transcripts works on Spotify and where your listeners can find them when they are automatically available.


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