Where to host podcast for free?

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Your new podcast is moving forward. You got the mic, some guests lined up, and are ready to go. After buying equipment and signing up for great recording software, you wonder: Where to host podcast for free? Let me tell you – also for free!

For years, I’ve published my podcast – “The Business Storytelling Show” – on Spotify for Podcasters, previously called Anchor. It gets the job done, is easy to use, and allows me to publish video versions of my podcast to Spotify. Despite the name, it publishes your podcast to all podcast networks that you set up – including Apple, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and, of course, Spotify. Really anywhere that accepts the RSS feed of your show.

I love Spotify for Podcasters for several reasons:

So when people ask if Spotify for Podcasters is good, my answer is that yes, it is. It gets the job done.

How to get started

To get started, head over to Spotify for Podcasters and sign up for an account.

  • Upload an image
  • Add a description
  • Set the url
  • Pick a name

To start distributing to all the different podcast networks, it walks you through how to do that for each major network specifically. Just click on the link for each network, and it takes you to the page where you can submit.

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Uploading episode

You used to be able to record in the program, but that is going away as of June 2024. You can record your podcast in a number of software programs, including:

Two of those also offer you the ability to host and publish episodes, so it’s worth looking at and seeing the best option for you.

Once you have your file, publishing is easy. Log into your account and click Create New Episode.

Then, upload your video or audio file, and it walks you through the rest of the process.

uploading a podcast episode

To finish the process, ensure you have the following handy:

If you don’t like the platform, you can move later

If you end up not liking the platform, you can switch to a different provider later. Spotify for Podcasters states:

You can switch your podcast to a different hosting service by permanently redirecting your RSS feed from Spotify for Podcasters to your new host. Paste the RSS feed of your podcast at the new host below. (ex. https://www.newhost.com/podcastname/rss)

Moving podcast providers

So, to answer the question: Where to host a podcast for free? Spotify for Podcasters is a definite answer that can work for you – and has worked for me.

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