How to use a small under-desk treadmill (aka office walking pad)

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Using a treadmill while working can help me be more productive and feel better. Because I’m not just sitting there, and depending on the task, walking slowly can be quite invigorating. Let me share with you what small underdesk treadmill works for me. And to be clear, it’s a treadmill, but not a gym, run-at-full-speed. Think of it as an office walking pad, really. 

Of course, the definition of what’s small would depend on how much room you have. For my spatial situation, the setup works great. But it might not work as easily in a really small studio apartment without some additional considerations, for example.

How to use a treadmill while working

First, I find it important to figure out what tasks lend themselves to walking on the treadmill. For example, some internal meetings would work just fine. If you have a client meeting, it might seem weird if you’re walking at the same time.

I have written content while walking really slowly – think 1.3 miles an hour – but that really depends on what the topic is and how I feel that day.

If you’re just a listener in a meeting, walking on a treadmill is a no-brainer. Especially if you’re not on video. The same applies to webinars, podcast audio review, or anything else that mostly requires attention but not movement. Responding to email works well too.

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Determine set up

Even a small under-desk treadmill takes up space. So it’s important to figure out where to put everything. I actually have my office treadmill in a dedicated space in one part of the office, and I only use that area to walk while working.

Under desk office treadmill

From there, I put an actual standup desk on top of it, so I have a space for my MacBook Pro, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Under desk office treadmill desk

You can also roll the treadmill back and forth underneath your standup desk if you use one desk for all your tasks. The treadmill I use has wheels and is pretty easy to push back and forth.

Office set up

As another option, if you prefer the desk to be attached to the treadmill, there are  products you can purchase for that as well.

office walking pad


You might also consider a foldable treadmill that you can move around if your space is limited. Here’s one example for that.

Foldable treadmill

I’ve enjoyed my office treadmill over the years, and there’s a definite place for it in my daily work. Just be careful not to walk too fast and always stay steady and safe.

Incline or no incline?

Consider whether or not you want to walk on a bit of an incline. Many of these walking pads do not offer that functionality, but this one does have an incline function.

under desk office treadmill with incline


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