Let there be light: Using keyboards with lighted keys

Keyboards certainly have evolved and there are definitely options now – typewriter type keyboards and lighted keyboards just to name a couple. A backlit keyboard, is a keyboard with lighted keys, and is what I’ll focus on here. That lighting is built in behind the keys. This illumination allows you to easily see the keys even when working in low-light conditions. Recently, backlit keyboards have been gaining popularity among computer users for a variety of reasons.

You might opt for a backlit keyboard if you frequently work in darker environments, whether in an office with poor lighting or at night. The keyboard lights ensure you can always clearly distinguish between keys, which helps avoid typing errors. I use my keyboards with lighted keys because it’s on the bottom area of my standup desk and that area is kind of dark.

Others choose a lighted keyboard based purely on aesthetics, enjoying the look of the subtle glow emanating from their desk. When paired with other RGB-lit computer components, it can make for colorful, visually-appealing setup.

Now let’s explore some backlit keyboard options currently on the market based.

Options of lighted keyboards

This mafiti keyboard offers different colors across the keyboard when it’s lighted up. It comes in a keyboard – mouse combo.


This Holkonbe bluetooth keyboard is what I currently use. You can plug it in to keep it charged but it seamlessly connects via bluetooth to the computer. It has three frequencies, so you can easily connect it to three different devices if necessary and switch back and forth. This keyboard’s light can be turned on with the push of a button and are just lights. No colors.

This Sablute keyboard offers a mix of colors that you can use to light up your keyboard.

lighted keyboard


The lighting on this DBPOWER keyboard is probably the most in your face of the options here. The light projects around the keyboard as well as behind the keys. It’s another and different aspect of changing the visual appearance.

DBPower lighted keyboard

So there are some options for your consideration if you are in the market for a new and different keyboard. The fit for my hands still matters, of course, too, but a lighted keyboard certainly has some advantages and can make the work experience better.

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