Does Apple Podcast Have Transcripts? Yes, Apple Podcast Transcripts are live and here’s my review…

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The answer to “Do podcasts have transcripts?” used to depend on whether or not somebody – a person – would listen and then type them up. Then, tools like Otter AI made the process easier and automated big parts of it. Automatic transcription, summary, and speaker voice identification are all a reality now. And now, in iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.4 and macOS Sonoma for MacBooks, Apple podcast transcripts are available for all podcasts.

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How to get a transcript of Apple Podcast?

If you are wondering how to do that for your own podcast – the one you produce- there’s nothing you have to do on the production side. It’s completely controlled and implemented on the listener side. For listeners, update your Apple device and once you have the right version, your podcast episodes have the automatic, machine-generated transcript added.

updating device to get Apple podcasts transcripts

Where to find Apple Podcast Transcripts

Go to podcast episodes in the Apple Podcast app on the device running the right version of iOS. Go to the episode, and depending on the length of the introduction, scroll down.

The Transcript section shows right below the link to the episode website.

where to find apple podcast transcripts

Click on that and you can read through the entirety of the transcript. Letting the audio of the episode run at the same time while on this screen is also possible.

a full Apple podcast transcript

The overall transcript isn’t bad, but the biggest negative is that speakers are not identified. That makes the reading experience hard – it may be impossible in some instances.

So, while these transcripts don’t go to the level of voice identification like Otter AI transcripts, every podcast now gets these transcripts anyway, and for podcasters, it’s good to understand how they work. And for listeners it’s good to know where they are and how and when to potentially use them.

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Search podcast transcripts

You can search podcast transcripts directly in the app on all devices. Go to the search bar in the top right and enter your search term. Click on the word to play the episode from there.

Speaker voice identification in Otter transcripts

voice identification in otter

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