How to use macro lens on iPhone

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A macro lens on iPhone can be used to get extreme close-ups – that could be of nature or trying to show the intricacies of a product. So if that’s something you might want to do, here is how to use a macro lens.

Unpack the lens and screw it onto the attachment holder, which will keep it on the iPhone.

Macro lens

From there install the holder and lens on the phone. The cameras can jump around so be sure to have macro control toggled on in Settings > Camera >(Scroll down)

installing nacro lens on iPhone
Once all aligned you can go for those extreme close-ups. Certainly the use case is relatively narrow. But you can use this to get those close-ups of products or something in nature or really anything that deserves to be recorded or photographed in close proximity.

This can be used for video recording or taking photos. And that is how to use a macro lens on iPhone.

And here’s a video of me walking you through how to set up a macro lens on an iPhone.


Give it a try and zoom in.

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