Does content marketing work?

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Does content marketing work? It does when it’s done  well and when it’s seen as a long-term strategy. Results include:

  • Increased revenues
  • Larger share of voice
  • Top-of-mind awareness
  • And so much more, but let’s dive in…

When a content marketing plan is firing on all cylinders, the business results can be game-changing. But what does success actually look like in the world of content marketing? According to Purna Virji, content consultant at LinkedIn, the key is focusing on the outcomes that truly move the needle for your company. Go beyond output measurements.

“If we start by thinking about what are the business outcomes that we want to impact, then very often what we can find is that if we carefully tailor our content to the audience behavior changes that we’re going to drive, one or two pieces of content can perform incredibly well for you,” said Purna, who authored “High-Impact Content Marketing” on Episode 663 of “The Business Storytelling Show.”

In other words: Be strategic and know why the content is being created.

The hallmark of an effective content marketing plan is the measurable impact that content has on your bottom line.

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Here are some of the telltale signs that your content strategy is delivering results:

Driving meaningful audience behavior change

At the end of the day, the goal of content marketing is to influence the way your target audience thinks and acts. When your marketing plan is working, you should see clear evidence of this behavior change.

This might look like increased engagement with your brand, such as more comments, shares, and likes on your social media posts. It could also manifest as a growing subscriber base for your email list or blog as people seek out more of your valuable content.

Most importantly, an effective strategy will ultimately ramp up your revenue as your audience comes to trust your expertise and view your product or service as the solution to their problems.

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Increased brand awareness and credibility

Another key indicator of content marketing success is a growing sense of brand recognition and trust among your target audience. When content consistently provides value and showcases unique expertise, people will start to see your company as a go-to resource in your industry.

Purna emphasized the critical importance of building credibility, especially in an age of increasing competition and noise in really any industry.

“The biggest thing people forget is how much more important trust is getting and how much more incredibly important building credibility is,” she noted.

Some signs that your content is successfully building your brand’s reputation might include:

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Achieving long-term, sustainable growth

An effective marketing plan drives long-term, sustainable growth. It can be tempting to focus on short-term metrics like immediate lead generation. True content marketing success is about playing the long game.

“If all you’re looking at your marketing success for your SEO or content marketing in the first week or so or just simply for its ability to drive leads in an instant, then you’re missing out on the absolute massive, incredible power that content has,” Purna cautioned.

When your content strategy is truly hitting the mark, you’ll see sustained growth over time in key areas like organic traffic, email subscribers, and customer loyalty. Your content will continue to generate results months or even years after it was first published, as it gains traction with search engines and continues to provide value to new audiences.

This kind of long-term success is only possible with a strategic, patient approach to content marketing – one that prioritizes building real relationships with your audience over quick wins.

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The big picture: Content success is business success

The results of an effective content marketing plan should be reflected in the overall health and growth of your business. When your content strategy is aligned with your big-picture business goals, you’ll see a tangible impact on your bottom line.

This might look like:

  • Increased revenue and profitability as your content drives more high-quality leads and conversions
  • Improved customer retention and loyalty as your audience comes to rely on your expertise
  • A more authoritative and recognizable brand that can command premium prices and partnerships
  • Attracting top talent to your organization as your industry reputation grows

Align content marketing with business goals and ta-da it can have an impact. And that means for all stages of the funnel.

“Align yourself in the same direction,” Purna said. “Appeal to people, because at the end of the day, people relate to people, people want to hear from people, people will follow people before brands and people buy from people.”

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