How to use saved replies in Instagram to speed up communications

I often repeat myself responding to similar inquiries on Instagram. For example, a brand contacted me and asked me to work with them on an Amazon product video company. That leads to me sending common DMs – ones that are the same over and over. I can type them out each time or I can make my life easier by creating saved replies directly on Instagram.

Saved replies are a feature I spotted in my professional Instagram account.

Usually, these conversations look like this:

  • Brand reaches out to ask if I’m interested in working with them on a particular product.
  • I reply with my typical fees and project details.
  • Sometimes they try to negotiate or decide they only want to offer a free product as payment.

So the messages I sent are pretty standard and repeatable, and I could copy and paste responses. Write responses in another document and then paste them into Instagram when they work in the conversation. Not super efficient!

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But now, there’s another way to handle common DM messages on Instagram. You can add saved replies directly in the Instagram app. Here’s how that works.

Write the message

First, write the message in Instagram DMs when it fits in the conversation.

Save it

After sending it, click on it to start the process of saving it.

save common DM messages

Click on MORE to get the option to save it.

save common DMs in Instagram

Click save to save the standard DM as a shortcut or template to use again later.

saved reply

Use a word for the shortcut’s name that you’ll remember. Then, type in the shortcut’s name to get the saved reply to show up.

Should we use saved replies?

Saved replies are a great way to eliminate repeatedly typing the same message. In the case of an account handled by several social media strategists, it can also give everyone a foundation of content to start from in conversations. For example, if the fee to produce videos that cost under $30 is $99 no matter what, that saved reply certainly can make sure everyone has the right messaging handy.

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Now, should brands create a library of saved replies? That depends on the volume of communications happening in Instagram DMs. If there’s a lot, it might make sense, but realistically, for most creators

It’s a nice mix of making responding easy without totally automating it. Of course, somebody must still look at the conversation and then pick the right saved reply.

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