Where is the Instagram Reels button?

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I was ready to post my latest Instagram Reel, but the Instagram Reels button seemed to have disappeared from my iPad app.

Where is the Instagram reels button

Up to this point, I was able to click the plus sign in the top navigational bar on Instagram and then got the option to do a post, a Story, or a Reel. But now you can only do a post or story from that location now.

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To start a Reel, I now have to go to my profile and then click the plus sign on the top to get the navigational list on the bottom.

Find me the menu on your Instagram profileNavigational menu on Instagram profileFrom there, you can start a post, Reel, Story, and even go live.

In the iPhone app, the button remains in that initial navigational area.

Instagram reels button on iPhone

Why move the Instagram Reels button?

Of course, there can be various reasons why this might be happening. Maybe Instagram is testing something on the iPad to see if they want to implement it on all the apps.

If their goal is to get more people to do posts or Stories as opposed to Reels this is certainly one way to encourage that. Button placement can and does influence user behavior.

And I was contemplating for a moment whether or not I should just do a post or a Story. But I’ve had some success with Reels which is the reason I was looking for the button to begin with.

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From a design perspective, I’m not sure the shorter drop-down improves any experience. And having to click into the profile to start and upload a Reel certainly adds steps that a user might find unnecessary.

So, if you use an iPad for your uploads, that’s where you can find the button and for now everything remains the same on the iPhone.

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