Jump Start Your Influence with an Amazon Book Series

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Writing a book is a great way to build authority and thought leadership in an area. So much that you might write more than one. And if you do publish more than one book, it makes sense to create an Amazon book series.

In this article, I discuss the following:

What’s a book series on Amazon?

It’s a grouping of books in a list. Those books are then promoted together. So, for example, when a shopper on Amazon looks at one of the books in the series, the other books are also recommended. It reads: “Books in this series” and then lists those books.

A book series works when the books are on the same topic and are relevant to the reader. So be sure to pick a good name for the series when you set it up. For example, I used Content Marketing Strategies on my list series and later changed it to Marketing Strategies.

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Where’s the Amazon book series page?

An Amazon book series page can be found by clicking on the series’ name under the title of any books in the grouping. That page is an excellent overview page of all the books that go together, and you can even buy the ones you don’t have yet at once. It’s similar to completing an album on iTunes.

Amazon book series page

How to create a book series on Amazon

I self-publish using the Amazon KDP service and can add all the books in my account to the list. But I’m not sure if publishers have additional options to link books together. But at the end of the day, ensure that the related books are relevant to each other and make sense to purchase together. For example, the Product Led Growth books series is an excellent example of two relevant books being cross-promoted this way.

When you set up the first book, go to the Series details on Page 1 of the three-page set up to create a series.

setting up an Amazon Book Series in Kindle Direct Publishing

You can either set up a new one or add the book to one you already have.

setting up an Amazon Book Series

From there, you send your submission for approval. That’s done for any updates to Amazon books. Once approved, it’s pushed to being live on Amazon.

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Final thoughts

This is a nice feature if you have multiple books that you can tie together in a single category. It’s a great way to promote your content as a whole and makes it easier for people to understand what titles are available in a specific category. I would recommend using this feature when possible. It’s also something to keep in mind as you consider writing several books: How do they fit together, and is this a strategy that might work for me?

That doesn’t mean we should disregard book topics that don’t fit together. But when they do, this strategy is another way to get the word out. From a personal branding perspective, it’s always been good to be able to say “Christoph Trappe, author of… ” and now I could even consider saying: “Christoph Trappe, author of the three-book Amazon book series on marketing strategies.”

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