[Instagram strategies] Here’s why you should tag yourself in your Instagram Stories that have hashtags

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Hashtags in Instagram Stories have evolved since they first rolled out in May 2017.

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That’s the nature of hashtags and social media as well as digital marketing strategies. Things change.

And hashtag use in your posts is especially important on Instagram to reach more people – as I discussed on here before.

Despite seeing some decent views of my Instagram Stories I often forget about that channel. Ugh. But I try to post more there!

Now when I post to my Stories I try to remember to use hashtags – especially ones I use often:





In addition to the hashtag it’s also important to tag myself. Here’s an example of a repurposed Tweet as a Story.

I simply use the text function to add the hashtag. Then I close that one, click on add text again and tag myself.

Some purists might say: “why would you ever tag yourself?”

Here’s why: Hashtags that people follow show up prominently in the Stories bar:

Then within the content marketing hashtag story is my Stories post. That looks like this:

See, it says my name on the top, but it’s small and I find it hard to click on actually.

Calling it out like I did and even circling it gives me a chance to grow my Instagram audience.

Once people click my name, they see my profile CTA and can click over:

I’m a fan of catching up on topics I care about via hashtags on Instagram. It gives me the chance to see content I may have missed.

I’ve seen all kinds of cool things in the virtual reality area that way, for example.

Adding your Instagram name is a quick add and worth trying to see if you can grow your following.

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