Is live streaming on Twitter still worth it?

Advertisers are leaving Twitter, people are flocking to Threads and let’s admit it the user experience isn’t what it used to be. But that leads me to the question of is live streaming on Twitter still worth it? (I know it’s officially called X, but it certainly looks like all of you still call it Twitter.)

Well, the answer might surprise you, but I’ve seen viewership of my lives on Twitter tick up recently. It was not uncommon that viewership was in the single digits on Twitter in recent months, but then I hit triple digits each with three recent lives of “The Business Storytelling Show.”

live streaming on twitter

live streaming on Twitter example

Whether or not those are the right people, I don’t know, but it certainly helps your live-streamed podcast build a bigger audience.

So, how do I stream to Twitter anyway?

Live-streaming to Twitter

I use Restream to multi-stream my live podcast episodes to LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and at times Amazon and that actually helps me avoid the constant debate: Is Twitter worth it or is LinkedIn worth it? No matter what, as long as the setup and stream is easy, I will just stream to all of them. And it is easy as it’s literally just the check of a box to go to each network.

live streaming to Twitter and other social media channels at once

So, that’s what I do and will continue doing. And with the numbers all of a sudden ticking up considerably there’s no reason to stop multi streaming the live version of my podcast.

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