How to get live video notifications on Twitter

Live video or even live audio on Twitter certainly is a way to interact with your audience. But it might be most meaningful  when people show up and that’s where live video notifications come in.

You can certainly encourage your audience to turn live video notifications on. And for the people who are looking for how to do that here’s how.

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Go to the account on Twitter for which you want to turn live video notifications on. You basically have two options. To turn notifications on for all tweets or live video only.

Make sure your device allows notifications from Twitter. That setting is in the device settings area.

On desktop, notifications will shop in the notifications area and depending on your browser you can allow pop-up notifications as well.

Live video notifications on TwitterIt’s a nice feature to have especially for accounts that tweet a lot. Presumably they won’t go live as much as they tweet so you can only get specific notifications when they’re actually going live with video on if that is what you want to be alerted off.

As a host, is it a good idea to ask people on-air to turn notifications on? I think it depends on where all you use your live. For example, I use my show on four different social media networks and then also published it as a podcast.

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I could say it earlier on and then cut it out for the podcast version but if I don’t edit my show it really could be a turn off for podcast listeners who just prefer you to get to the point probably.

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