How I added my newsletter to my Twitter profile, before Twitter shut it down

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Update: As of Jan. 18, 2023, this is no longer possible as Get Revue has shut down. Consider using Convertkit for your email marketing needs instead.

You can then simple highlight your Twitter newsletter via ConvertKit as a profile link or pinned Tweet.

Twitter has rolled out Twitter newsletters and they are integrated into your Twitter account. Once you click, Twitter sends you to Revue to set up your newsletter there. You can easily promote your newsletter on your Twitter profile. I’ve used it for about 30 email sends so far and I’m a fan. Let me tell you all about it.

Twitter newsletters aren’t like LinkedIn newsletters, which basically send to your connections on LinkedIn. That’s a huge advantage to try email marketing on LinkedIn when you already have a good community there.

Your Twitter newsletter has advantages, too, and if you don’t have a current newsletter or are looking for a new platform, it might be worth trying. Adding Twitter newsletters to the settings area on my dashboard isn’t really about integrating newsletters into Twitter. It’s mostly a marketing play for Revue.  Given the amount of time I spend on Twitter, it’s certainly easy for me to find and set up a newsletter this way.

Let me walk you through the process. I tested it right away when this functionality came out. More recently I’ve added my newsletter sign-up form to my Twitter profile. Assuming some people will sign up and I am planning on sending a weekly one.

Starting your Twitter Newsletter

Go to settings, and click on newsletters.

That sends you to Revue.

Twitter newsletter signup

Sign in with Twitter.

Sign in for Twitter Newsletter

From there you can start building your newsletter in the super-easy builder. You can add images and tweets, for example.



This whole process took minutes. Easy breezy. I was getting this done while sitting on my couch in my pajamas. From my iPad.

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My newsletter usually looks like this.

Where do subscribers come from?

The Twitter – Revue integration doesn’t email to my Twitter followers, which would be awesome if it would. My Twitter following is at around 66,000 but my Twitter newsletter had zero subscribers to start.

Revue then allows me to add subscribers, and import my list from Mailchimp or as a CSV. I did add a good amount of subscribers to mine through a CSV and the platform said they would have to review my account to make sure the subscribers are legit.

Twitter newsletter subscribers

I can share my new newsletter to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and once people click they can subscribe.

Twitter newsletter

Connecting Mailchimp

After my initial import of email addresses, I found the Mailchimp integration the easiest. I can use a free account for up to 2,000 new contacts and use their sign-up form on my website and as a pop-up to keep growing my list.

To import subscribers in Revue simply click on add subscribers from Mailchimp and once it’s connected the import starts with a push of a button. You can also set up an automatic import through Zapier.

There’s also a Zapier integration that automates this. Check under integrations.

Adding my newsletter to my Twitter profile

One way to grow your list is by adding your newsletter sign-up to your Twitter profile page. That looks like this.

To set that up, click on newsletters in the settings and then go to the integrations section.

The metrics and feedback

The platform does provide the basic level of metrics – opens, clicks – broken down by user -and also allows readers to give a thumbs up or down with comment to the email. That feedback also shows up in the back-end dashboard.

RSS integration

I kind of hope that Twitter finds a way to send or at least promote these newsletters to Twitter followers of an account. That seems to be one strength and one reason I like how LinkedIn handled its integration. Another strength is the ease of use. It’s super easy to set up your newsletter, add content and send it out. You can even add RSS feeds and your Twitter or podcast feeds to the backend and can simply add content from there.

Starting a paid subscriber newsletter

The platform also allows you to start a paid version of your newsletter. To start that, go to the subscribers section, click on members and then follow the process to set it up.

paid subscription on Twitter newsletters


The Revue platform is super easy to use and is be worth trying – especially if you are just getting started with your email marketing. I’m not sure that it integrates into other systems like Salesforce and the like, but you could probably use UTM links to help with tracking.

Social media expert Ernie Smith joined me on a livestream of my podcast to discuss this as well. Listen below.

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Overall, I’m a fan and have sent 30 editions already and plan on doing so every week.

I like how easy the integration is with MailChimp and Twitter profiles and how easy it is for me to create and send the weekly newsletter.

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