6 steps to create a podcast video teaser from an episode in no time

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You’ve likely seen a podcast video teaser online on TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other places. These short video soundbites grab people’s attention and aim to drive awareness of the hosts, the content, and the podcast itself. So, as you are launching your podcast or already have one you want to grow, this is a strategy to look into and implement.

What is a podcast video teaser?

A podcast video teaser – usually 30 to 60 seconds long – is a great way to repurpose video content and use bits and pieces of a podcast episode.

A video podcast teaser differs from a podcast audiogram, which only has audio, an image, and an animated wave. A video podcast teaser is a short soundbite from an episode, and it should include closed captions. Here’s an example from an episode of “The Business Storytelling Show.” I use these primarily on YouTube as shorts to drive subscribers to my channel and views to the livestreamed version of my podcast.

The easiest way to create a podcast video teaser

So, how do you create these? There are basically three ways:

  • Hire a video editor to go through the footage and find clips
  • Use the trim feature in Restream after concluding the recording or live stream.
  • Let the Opus Clips AI create a handful of clips for you.

I will focus mostly on the third way in this article, but really briefly on Option 2:

To trim in Restream, simply find the recording in the video storage area, click the three dots, and then trim the video to the short soundbite that you want.

trim video in restream

This is a bit of a manual process, and you have to know where the clip is that you want, but if that’s the case, this is a quick and self-contained way to get the job done. No need to move files between systems.

Step 1: Livestream/record “correctly”

Keep in mind that many livestreams/recordings are done in the 16×9 dimension.

example of framing for a livestream

So when you create teasers for TikTok and Instagram, the dimensions should change to 9×16.

example of video repurposing

Some lower-third graphics work better than others. Any static text at the bottom of the screen can be a problem, as Opus Clips frames differently based on what’s going on. So that text can look all over the place. Like I usually do, a scrolling bar translates just fine, however. Typically, I scroll the guest’s website there.

Step 2: Download the file

Once the recording or live stream is complete, click on download recording and download the full video.

download podcast recording once complete

Step 3: Upload the file into podcast teaser video editor

Head over to Opus Clips. The first time you are there, consider updating the brand template to your brand’s colors. You can also set other defaults like the video’s dimension, text placement, and more.

For example, I’ve changed the text colors to the colors that make up the intro of my show.

podcast video teaser brand color match

Once set simply upload the file:

upload file into opus

Step 4: Set specific requirements for clips

Once the file is uploaded, ensure it’s creating clips with the right template – the one you set above – and set the length of clips. I usually choose 30 and 30-60 seconds so I can use them as YouTube Shorts, which are up to 60 seconds.

podcast teaser video details

Step 5: Choose and download clips

Once created, you can look through all the clips and download the ones you like. You can also edit them and give feedback by click on the heart or the thumbs down icons.

finished podcast video teaser clips

Step 6: Upload to platforms

From there, upload them to your main platforms. The software pre-creates a title for you. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t. So, ensure that you edit and update as necessary.

So there are six steps to getting on the video repurposing bandwagon and doing it as efficiently as possible. And why not throw your podcast content a parade? It’s worth it and a great way to get more mileage out of the content you’ve already created.

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