Should I use a podcast script on my podcast?

Should we use a podcast script for our episodes, or should the conversation be more organic? What are the advantages of each way, and when does a script make the most sense and when doesn’t it?

In this article, I discuss the following:

What is a podcast script?

A podcast script is a written copy of what will be said on the podcast.

So, for example, on my podcast, the script might look like this:

Hello, business storytellers. I’m Christoph Trappe and today we are talking about how to be patient in public relations. That can be hard for me as I’m not that patient, but patience with the right strategy can pay off. To discuss that topic, I’m joined by….

And then, the script would go into the questions and maybe even the answers. But a script does not have to include the entire episode and can be broken down into:

  • Introduction
  • Outro
  • Questions being asked of quests
  • Or the entire episode

One thing to consider with a script is that it takes time and then has to sound good on the episode when somebody reads it out loud. Writing a good speech, which basically this is, is a very different skillset from writing good blog posts, for example.

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How do you write a podcast script?

Writing a script is not that different from writing any content. starch with an outline and a clear understanding of what you’re trying to say. The period from there, consider the best order to say those things. And what’s the best way to tell them?

Another thing to consider with scripts is that it’s essential to remember that they will be read out loud. So writing that kind of content can be different from writing other types of content that isn’t said out loud.

For example, you’ll want to spell things out on a podcast script to make it easier for the host. Names should have a pronunciation guide, for example.

From there, determine for what parts you might need a script. Maybe it’s just the beginning; perhaps you need a script for an ad-read at some point in the show, or if it’s the whole show, plan that out correctly.

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Either way, consider this workflow:

  • Determine the topic
  • Opening
  • Key points
  • Each key point then has related content
  • Conclusion and wrap of episode

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When does it make sense to use a script?

For some podcasts, a script makes no sense at all. For example, my podcast is supposed to be a conversation between two people. It wouldn’t nearly be as organic if we were to script that out. But some shows offer highly technical content that could use a script to ensure accuracy. The “Grammar Girl” host uses a script to ensure all content is grammatically correct, which is probably impossible when you speak off the cuff.

If you do use a script for your video podcast, consider using a Teleprompter to allow you to still look at the camera while reading the script.

So it depends on the format of the show, the topic, and the podcaster’s or podcaster’s team’s skillsets. For example, some people are better at talking “off-cuff,” so if that’s you, not scripting a show can make sense. But scripting shows could make sense if a great speech-type writer is on the team.

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