How to transcribe a podcast – here’s the easiest way

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To transcribe podcast audio to text certainly has been a strategy that’s been used for a while, but how to transcribe a podcast anyway? Podcast transcripts work well for people who want to or need to read along or prefer to read the transcript. The transcript can also be used to write a summary article.

One way is to transcribe a podcast is to manually listen and write down what’s being said. That certainly seems a little old-school and with today’s AI technologies. It’s much easier to have that process automated, which leads us to the question of what’s the best podcast transcription service out there? The answer often lies within the answer to what the goal of your podcast content strategy is and what works best in your workflow and how does it all integrate together.

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Otter Speech to Text

I’ve been a fan of Otter AI. No doubt about it. It transcribes my podcasts live (as long as I remember to turn it on). Or I can upload the recording to the platform after the fact, and it will create the transcript – including speaker labeling, within a few minutes.

Listen Notes

On Listen Notes, which is a podcast database, you can order and pay for transcripts. The first time I did this, there were too many time stamps for me, but it’s an option. This transcript automatically gets added to the episode. Since this is a podcast search engine, the transcript may help with search results as well. (You can also upload your Otter transcript.)


Alitu is a podcasting host that gets you AI transcripts of your podcast episode. What’s nice here is that it’s integrated with where you’re hosting your podcast

Alitu podcast transcripts


Podbean, another hosting platform, offers AI transcripts and show notes.

podbean podcast transcript


Riverside is one of the original OG when it comes to podcast recording. It now offers transcription as well and guarantees a close to 100% accuracy. The output is immediate.

Riverside audio transcription

Podcast AIPodcast AI

Podcast AI is a podcasting platform that transcribes episodes, identifies speakers, generates chapters, descriptions, titles, tags.

I transcribe all of my episodes, but I hardly ever publish those transcripts. But certainly, even for that strategy, it’s good to know how to transcribe a podcast. I use them to write articles and show notes. At the end of the day, which service works best depends on your goal, strategy, and workflow.

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