What is Otter AI used for?

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Chances are you’ve seen somebody’s Otter AI assistant join your Zoom meeting. And that is one common way that people get introduced to the software and of course it makes people wonder: What is Otter AI used for?

There’s a couple use cases with the most common one probably being the live transcription of meetings.

Live transcription of meetings

When you see somebody’s Otter copilot wanting to join a meeting it’s joining to basically record the meeting and live transcribe it. If it’s your account and you go to the Otter AI website, you can even read the transcript live after logging in.

It also summarizes action items and an outline of the meeting. While this is an example from my podcast, it gives you a nice overview.

what is otter AI used for and how it creates action items and outlines

You can then easily share the transcript with everyone on the call afterward. Otter tags everyone and you can even find specific comments and other items quickly.

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Podcast transcription

For the most part, I use Otter AI to quickly transcribe my live podcast episodes. I suppose I could transcribe them similarly to how people transcribe meetings, but I actually download the video file and then simply upload it into Otter to transcribe.

What does Otter do? For once it transcribed podcasts

The software transcribes those podcast episodes exactly the same way as meetings.

And once we have the transcript, other content creation things can become easier. You find quotes and details quicker, and double check statements that you thought were said.

Of course, make sure the people in a meeting are OK that you’re using the software. On a public podcast it’s probably slightly different because it’s intended to be publicized anyways and plenty of places – like Apple Podcasts – have transcripts even without Otter.

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