How to buy trending TikTok songs

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Sometimes we like trending songs on TikTok so much that we want to download them, but how well does that actually work?

You might know the situation: A trend on TikTok repeatedly plays in your feed. The song is a bit of an earworm. Sometimes, I feel the need to head on over to iTunes to purchase the song. After all, I enjoyed the TikTok soundbite – usually 15-30 seconds – from that exact song.

(The same applies to Instagram Reels, which are very similar to TikTok.)

But then, when I download it, I’m often disappointed and end up not liking the whole song. It’s like buying music albums in the 1990s because I wanted one song. And then the majority of the other songs turned out to be not nearly as enjoyable.

Why trending songs on TikTok are earworms

Trending songs on TikTok are particular clips that work for a specific action taken by the TikTokers on camera. Take the getting-down-on-a-knee trend using a section from Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” song.

The part used from the song is actually just a few seconds toward the very end of the actual song. It’s easy to listen to, fits the action on-screen, and many people participated in this trend. Many of us probably walked away still singing those lyrics to ourselves.

But there’s been plenty of cases where I loved the soundbite on TikTok, and when I went to iTunes to download the entire song, it didn’t live up – for me – to the TikTok preview. In fact, it’s been more the norm that I didn’t like the full song. Sometimes, it feels like the full song doesn’t hit the same vibe as the original TikTok soundbite did for me.

How to see the name of a TikTok song?

Nonetheless, you might want to check out the full song after hearing it on TikTok,

In TikTok, look at the bottom to see the song’s name. It will keep scrolling along, and you can also click on it to see the name.

Head on over to iTunes or wherever you buy your music, but make sure to listen to the more extended preview there to make sure you like more of the song. It looks similar on Instagram. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there’s no “buy this song” button right now on either platform. So we have to go to switch to those platforms and search for the songs.

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