What’s crap content?

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I throw the term crap content around quite a bit on social media, during keynotes and workshops.

The context usually revolves around this: 

We have to stop creating crap content. 

There’s too much crap out there 


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At one point I wrote it as CRAP content, which prompted somebody to ask me if that’s an acronym. And yes, indeed it could be, I mean it is. LOL.

Here you go: 



Annoying to


Of course, what that actually means depends on specific audiences. What’s CRAP to some might be useful (not an acronym – ha) to others.

So know your audience and personas, publish and test. See what works. But being annoying won’t create relevance long-term. In fact, it likely will kill relationships and with that the potential for those people to become customers.

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So, that’s my new word for the day.  I hope to use it less because the amount of crap content has decreased. Fingers crossed.

Here’s to creating better content for long-term relevance to our audience and long-term success for us.

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