Where can podcast listeners leave podcast reviews?

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Podcast reviews are a great way to get social proof for your show. It’s really no different than reviews on Google or other places – except they are for your podcast. But the podcast reviews game has been kind of all over the place. Most platforms – including Pandora and Google Podcasts – don’t even offer the ability for reviews, but several major ones do. Those are:

Let’s look at each one in a bit more detail, but first some strategy for podcasters on reviews.

How to get podcast reviews

There a number of ways to get podcast reviews.

Ask on-air

Some hosts ask on-air. “Please leave us a review…” On my podcast, the outro also says “Please rate and review our show on your favorite podcast channel.”

You can also use a service like ratethispodcast.com to create one link that you can share and then other links go out from there to where people can review.

On your podcast website, you can also add the call to action. I use the embeddable button from Rate This Podcast to encourage people to rate and review.

podcast reviews button on website

Finally, I ask previous guests about a week after the show goes live if they would consider leaving a review. I simply send one email asking and include all the links to make it easy for them to find the show on their favorite network.

The different places for podcast reviews


My show currently has 37 ratings and reviews on Apple. They can be viewed in the app and also on the web.

apple podcast reviews

Reviews on Apple cannot be left in the web browser. Users have to do that in the app on their iOS device.


Amazon allows listeners to leave podcast reviews through their Amazon account. It’s basically like leaving any Amazon product review, but it’s kind of hidden.

On the podcast page, ratings show up at the top.

To leave a review, scroll all the way down – passed the episodes, recommend items to buy and you’ll get to this spot.


Podchaser is another network where listeners can leave reviews.

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The overall rating is listed up high on the webpage and reviews are highlighted below episodes. What’s unique about Podchaser is that listeners can also rate individual episodes.



Being able to rate podcasts on Spotify is brand-new as of late December 2021. (HT Tanner Campbell). Listeners can rate in the Spotify app.

Podcast Addict

On Podcast Addict, listeners can review a show in the app.

Podcast reviews conclusion

Getting reviews for your show certainly can help grow the audience through social proof. Keep in mind that it can also go the other way if there are many overly negative reviews.

Either way, it’s not a terrible strategy to remind listeners every once in a while that their reviews are appreciated and wanted.

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