Why is there a dark spot on iPad Pro screen?

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I love my iPad Pro but this dark spot started appearing on the iPad Pro screen.

It just kind of appears in the bottom left quadrant so to speak. It’s there sometimes and then it’s not. But it’s definitely annoying. Here is a picture:

Dark spot on iPad screen

So I took it in to a local Apple repair shop and basically what they said is that it’s a backlit issue and without a warranty it’s easier and the same cost roughly to just to buy a new iPad Pro. So I’ll just try to toughen it out until the next version comes out and will upgrade then.

iPad Stands to try

The spot does disappear when I kind of push on it.

I assume a spot on iPhone screen is the same issue. For me on the iPhone it wouldn’t be as big of an issue as I don’t use my iPhone much for entertainment or work throughout the day.

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