Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

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Could you even imagine? I couldn’t. For once I wouldn’t answer this daily WordPress blogging prompt. I guess technically, I am voice dictating it on my iPhone but that’s really just a small computer.

I couldn’t even do my job. As a content strategist, everything I do is on the Internet. Without the Internet, and without a computer, the job wouldn’t exist. If people wouldn’t shop online, my job wouldn’t be a thing.

So, while people might say it’s time to cut down screen time, screen time has also enabled us to live a better life and do different jobs. Let me just give  a few examples:

  • I just had hip surgery and I’m watching my daughter’s softball game in bed on GameChanger on the iPad.
  • On my smart TV, which is also just a different type of computer I’m watching the Commanders’ Thursday night football game on Amazon Prime over the Internet.
  • I can do some tasks for work in bed on my iPad Pro.
  • Other tasks, where that’s not as easy I make the relatively short trip down to my basement office, where I have a two monitor-set up to make things easy for me.
  • The Ring cameras allow me to know what’s going on outside my home without even having to go outside. Of course, that wouldn’t be possible without computers.

None of this means that it’s not nice at times to completely unplug from the Internet. It is and it can be quite empowering and relaxing.

But without computers, I would probably still be writing content on a typewriter. Could you imagine? There would be no artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and we would still be calling travel agents or stopping by their office to book an airplane trip.

So overall, I think a life without a computer would be impossible. 

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