Amazon lens: How to do an Amazon search by image

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Sometimes, we have to do an Amazon search by image to find what we are looking for. That’s where Amazon lens – a visual search tool- helps us identify potentially matching products.

In this article, I discuss:

What is Amazon lens?

Amazon lens is a visual search tool available inside the Amazon app. In essence, it’s similar to Google lens but searches the Amazon marketplace for the image or object being scanned.

In this Instagram video, I share how it works and how sometimes it doesn’t pick the right product.


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Essentially, the tool scans the object either live in front of your phone or by uploading an image and then matches it to products that look similar on Amazon.

As you can see, it’s not always perfect, but it tries to match the image to something that looks similar on Amazon. In this case, I scanned my daughter’s new basketball shoes, and the Amazon lens matched them to a dog outfit with similar colors. Unfortunately, the shoes aren’t available on Amazon, so the result was technically the closest. Though it’s not what I was looking for.

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How to do an Amazon search by image

You can now do an Amazon search by image by going to your web browser and heading to Amazon. Click the picture/camera icon in the search bar and upload the picture.

Amazon search by image now available on desktop

You can also do it in the app. Download the app from the app store and sign into your Amazon account. From there, click the scan button in the top right corner and the search bar. Then point your phone at whatever it is that you want to scan.

Amazon lens

Amazon image search with Amazon lens

The scan works even in busier environments, but I recommend not having too much stuff behind it. Also, consider moving the camera around for the best angle, especially when the first scan didn’t show the results you were hoping for.

If the visual search doesn’t get you what you need you can also now type in additional descriptors.

Visual search in Amazon with Text assist

What visual search means to Amazon sellers

Visual search for Amazon and other internet sellers means we need to take and post good product images. Make sure they show the product wholly and accurately so you have a chance to show up when people are using the search by image function in the Amazon app.

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I do image searches in the Amazon app quite frequently, and visual search certainly is part of the future – whether that’s Amazon lens, Google lens, or another kind of lens.

Knowing how it works and creating the content that helps visual search work can create a win-win for consumers and sellers. One, consumers can find what they are looking for, and two, sellers have a chance to get in front of the right customers.

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