How to use the branded content label on Instagram

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Branded content disclosures – for example the paid partnership label on Instagram – are easier than ever to implement.

I use the label mostly when I repurpose my Amazon Live or Amazon product review videos on Instagram.  If I have a relationship with the brand and they paid me for the video I will also tag them, which they have to approve before their name shows up.

If it’s just a random product and I use an affiliate link to Amazon in the post I will still use the paid partnership tag but I won’t tag the brand because the brand doesn’t know me.

The Federal Trade Commission in the United States has some strict rules around influencers disclosing to their audiences when something is a partnership.

Basically it boils down to that the influencers need to disclose when they have a relationship with the brand or the seller they’re talking about.

That includes:

  • the brand paid me for the post
  • sent me free product
  • I make a commission off sales

The basics

In 2017, Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows influencers to disclose partnerships. Here is the information that Instagram published on August 29, 2017:

Branded content on Instagram

So these tools allow influencers to tag branded content.

As you can see in the screenshot these tools are available for posts as well as Instagram Stories. Reels were later added as well.

Not everyone can use the tagging and brands have to review who the actual influencers are that can tag them.

The brands and the influencers can see how the post is performing.

How to add brand partnerships to your Instagram posts

It’s super easy to add other accounts that are partnering with your brand:

  • Go to the post
  • Edit
  • Add them where it says “add paid partnership label.”


How paid partnerships are displayed on Instagram

Published posts show “paid partnership” above the image like this. That’s if the brand has not approved the tag. Or if you just have a general product review video with an affiliate link. Once the brand approves the tag their name and link will appear there as well.

Keep in mind that branded content isn’t just pictures but could also be a video including an Instagram Reel, which is the example above.

Who can add the paid partnership label?

You have to follow Instagram‘s rules and they have to declare you eligible to add the paid partnership label. You can see that in the settings. I use a personal Instagram account so this also works when you have that set up.

If you have the audience and reach to partner with brands for paid campaigns why not do it? As long as the brand and product align with what you do and what you stand for it could be a win-win.

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