I’m speaking at this conference! How to create conference speaker images to create buzz

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Conference speaker images are a great way to promote your conference. After all, almost every speaker will show off that they are speaking at your conference. I know I do!

The same holds true for those “I’m attending this conference” graphics for attendees. Let’s look at some examples.

From WordCamp LAX:

Anyone can download the badges and share them on their social media profiles. For speakers, they also created another one with the speaker image and the session name:

Some other conference speaker images that can inspire you to create ones for your event!

Why these conference speaker images work

They work because, as a speaker and even as an attendee, people want to share them. Once speakers and attendees do, their networks will often like and reshare because they care about the speakers! Or they are proud of them. It’s an easyish marketing strategy for events.

Having other people share your content to social media is often more effective than sharing it yourself. 

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How to create conference speaker images

The above are some nice examples of combined branding. They include the conference and also the speaker branding. They are clean and mostly readable.

Include a URL or not? I think so if it can be added without being overburdening and is readable. Maybe a QR code would work better.  Also, people might simply google the conference name – which would be great for branded search – so make sure your website shows up!

What’s the right size? The square size (as above) works well for social media networks, website sidebars, and the like.  Consider making images that work for LinkedIn, X, and Facebook header images. But at the very least, the sizes need to work in the feeds of the main networks where people will share them. For me, that probably would be LinkedIn at this point.

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