What is a good length for a podcast?

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How long should a podcast episode or what is a good length for a podcast is something every podcaster will have to consider at some point. And I say at some point because, in full transparency, when I started my business storytelling podcast, I kept going until we ran out of things to say. That can end up being way too long.

Sometimes, that would mean a long episode, and sometimes, it might mean a short one. Seems very inconsistent and might even annoy the audience. They never know what to expect.

Today, my episodes are 24 minutes – almost on the dot. That’s partially because that’s the time slot I have for it on the DBTV television network. But it also helps us focus the discussion. Though you can cover a lot in 24 minutes. And it actually keeps the conversation focused.

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The different lengths of podcast episodes

Indeed, there are different lengths to consider when asking yourself how long a podcast episode should be.


Alison Osborne of Quill Inc. & CoHost mentioned on my podcast that she’s even seen toothpaste or toothbrush companies produce 2-minute podcast episodes – because that’s how long you should be brushing your teeth. So you can listen to an episode while brushing your teeth.


This Rephonic study says that the top podcasts release 37-minute episodes. That’s probably a good length for many podcasters anyway, and before I instituted the 24-minute time limit for my show, my shows naturally ended up right around this mark. The “Marketing, Demystified” podcast with Jenn Mancusi, which I produce, ends up right around that 37-minute mark, too.

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Super long

Some podcasts go on for over an hour, and depending on the topic, perhaps there’s that much to discuss, but it also takes commitment from everyone involved to get this to work. The guests have to take more time, and so do the hosts; editing can take more time. And, of course, it’s more of a time commitment for the listeners.

If you repurpose a podcast from a live stream, you could also go longer, as some networks recommend longer livestreams. For example, the Amazon live platform recommends them to be over an hour.

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Determine how long your podcast should be

The length of your podcast episodes should be tied to a goal. What’s the point of the podcast, and what impact is it trying to make? From that perspective, the two-minute episodes from a toothbrush or toothpaste company are fantastically creative and tie back to their brand.

But if I’m trying to share more in-depth content on a topic, I need to go longer – maybe not super long, but longer than a couple of minutes. If your model includes a TV version, you likely need to go for the length of time slot they give you. Or create separate versions.

Also, consider how the production fits into your overall content creation process. For example, I often use my podcast episodes as thought starters and even source material for articles. With that in mind, I need a certain level of detail in those episodes.

There’s no cookie-cutter answer for how long a podcast episode should be. Sometimes, shorter episodes work and get the job done by sharing the right type of information. Other times, they may have to be longer so we can dive deeper into the topic. Start somewhere in the middle when you launch a new podcast and see what length works for your specific goals.

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