How to use a label maker

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Let’s talk about how to use a label maker. (Here’s a video walk-through). And now, of course it’s possible to use them directly from your phone through Bluetooth.

The setup

The label maker we tested is high-tech and can be connected to your phone through an app called “Print Master.” To get started, simply download the app using the QR code that comes with the label maker.

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Creating your first label

Open the app and click on “Creating a new label.” From there, just follow the simple steps. The app allows you to add text and customize your label.


Correspondingly, once designed, it’s time to print. Make sure you have your label cartridge installed – which is relatively easy. Next, connect the label maker to your phone via Bluetooth.

In the app, hit the checkmark and click “Print.”  It’s user-friendly, efficient, and produces high-quality labels every time.

All in all, if you’re in the market for a reliable and easy-to-use label maker, why not upgrade to one that’s higher tech and uses Bluetooth and your phone.

With its intuitive app, customizable options, and wireless connectivity, it makes the process easy.

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Label maker with Bluetooth

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