The best headsets for phone calls

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Even though I block unknown numbers on my iPhone, phone calls are still a thing. But how do we make them the best they can be? The respectable audio quality of the calls is important and can be improved by using headsets for phone calls. Wired or Bluetooth headsets can be considered, but which one specifically is best depends on your setup.

I’ve used a variety of headsets for phone calls over the years, back in my days as a newspaper reporter who used a desk phone to a content strategist who used his iPhone with AirPods in.

This article covers the following:

Also, keep in mind how you like to work. For example, do you walk around during calls? That might mean you need a Bluetooth headset. Or are you sitting at your desk, which in that case, a wired headset might do the trick.

Have you tried an office treadmill?

Why headsets matter on phone calls

How we are set up during phone calls can positively or negatively affect the call. For example, I’ve been on calls with people breathing so hard into the receiver that you’d think they were running a marathon – which they weren’t. I guess that happens when people trap the phone or receiver in case of an office phone between their shoulder and head. Kind of like this:

Being on a lengthy call like this is not very comfortable, especially if you are taking notes simultaneously. And if causes you to breathe loudly into the receiver, it cannot be enjoyable to the person you are talking to. After all, who can concentrate when they are being breathed on like that? It’s also not very easy to push the mute button in this setup, which is way easier to do while wearing headphones.

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Headphones can help out here.

What types of headphones for phone calls are the best?

There are two types of headsets that I’ve seen:

  • Those that cover both ears
  • Headphones that cover one ear

This Logitech Bluetooth headset is an example of headphones for calls that cover both ears.

logitech bluetooth headset

This Suifdu call center headset is an example of the second type, which only covers one ear.

call center headset

I have no clue why anyone would ever use the second type. I’ve tried one of these before, and it’s hard, in my opinion, to be completely dialed into the call with one ear exposed. Also, any noise around me is a potential distraction. That doesn’t happen with a set that covers both ears.

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What phone setup can benefit from using headsets?

Which headset for phone calls is best for you depends on your setup. They boil down to the following:

office phone

I haven’t used an office phone in over a decade, but I did before then, and I know some people still have to use them. So let’s go down the list here of headsets for phone calls by setup type.

Mobile phone

Given the changes in adapters for mobile devices – especially iPhones- I’ll assume a Bluetooth headset is the best way to go here. And it certainly has been for me. Almost all of my phone calls are taken through my iPhone and with AirPod Pros. It works great as long as the microphone works and doesn’t try to keep moving around.

While I prefer the AirPods, you can connect any Bluetooth headphones to your mobile device – including the iPhone.

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Over the computer

Some of us might be set up to make calls through the computer in front of us. In that case, you could use any Bluetooth headset – assuming you can connect via Bluetooth to the computer.

In addition, you can also use an external microphone and a speaker – assuming you are in an office by yourself. It’s no different from being on Zoom calls. I use my podcast microphone to sound as good as possible.

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A traditional-looking office phone

This phone might still be an internet phone or is connected to an actual phone line. But what matters here is that you somehow have to connect your headphones to those phones.

Usually, all you need in this case is a headset for office phones that plugs into the phone with one of these “phone line” inputs. This Wantek headset is an option. 

wantek headphones


Indeed, it’s possible to have a phone call without a headset. Still, headsets provide a better audio experience for the other person and make it easier to immerse yourself in the call. So I would highly recommend a headset that covers both ears and that works for your situation.

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