How to watch YouTube on TV screens

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YouTube content gets streamed at our house all the time. Your home might be similar. On iPads, phones, computer screens and also the big-screen TVs. In this article I share how to watch YouTube on TV.

Of course, this consumer behavior is also important to content producers. The videos you upload to your YouTube channels need to be able to be viewed on living room TVs – think 45-80 inch screens.

Use YouTube app on TV

Most newer smart TVs have YouTube built in. Just go to that app, then login into your account. I found it easiest to link your account with a code than typing in your login info. You can also use a Roku connection if your TV doesn’t have the built-in app.

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YouTube via AirPlay

I’ve shared in this article how to use AirPlay and I’m also a big fan of that setup on YouTube. I can have the YouTube app open on my iPad while sitting on the couch, scroll through videos and simply AirPlay the ones I want to watch.

There’s also YouTube TV, which I haven’t used but even if you don’t use the paid offering, there’s plenty of videos on YouTube that are worth watching on a bigger screen.

On YouTube, I subscribe to channels I like and their latest videos show up in my YouTube app

I’ll scroll through the latest videos and watch them on the TV.

The app also shows me trending videos and other suggestions in case I’m caught up on the latest videos or can’t find anything to watch there.

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From a video production perspective, just make sure you are producing your videos – including livestreams – at the highest possible quality so they are not pixelated when people try to watch them on larger screens.

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