Using a livestream countdown timer

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Many live videos and live video podcasts do start with a livestream countdown timer, which looks like this and runs at the top of the show:


But, are they needed, and if so, how do we create them? That’s what I discuss in this article.

Why run a livestream countdown timer?

There are a couple of reasons. A countdown timer:

  • gives the audience time to show up, settle in, and be ready for the show.
  • allows the host and producer to make sure the show has triggered to the networks it’s supposed to begin to.

The second reason is especially important to me as a producer and host since it takes different amounts of time for the livestream to start on the various networks. For example, Amazon Live takes longer to grab the stream than Twitter. LinkedIn seems to be somewhere in the middle.

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How long should a livestream countdown timer be?

I would say under a minute, but I’ve also seen countdowns for over a minute. Personally, as a consumer, I find over a minute to be too long. The countdown for my podcast livestream is 30 seconds, and that seems to be okay.

How to use a countdown in livestreaming platforms

Many livestreaming platforms have built-in countdowns. Here are the options currently available in Restream.

build in stream countdown

The advantage to using these is that you don’t have to create your own and can pick one you like in the platform. The disadvantage is that your countdown timer may look the same as others using the same timer.

Creating your countdown timer

If you have a video editor, you can ask them to create a countdown timer that then transitions into the opening of your show.

I created my countdown in Canva. Create a new video project and search for “30-second countdown.”

countdown timer canva

Then export it as a video file and import it into your streaming platform.

Should my countdown timer have music?

The default ones in Restream do have music. Mine doesn’t. If you want to use music or a sound effect on your countdown timer, make sure you have the right to use it.

I find it easiest to go without music. Plus, once the livestream is complete, I trim the countdown out of all the versions where I can trim it out anyway.

As you can see, it’s pretty easy to set up a countdown timer for your live show. Whether you use the build-in one or create your own. A timer is way better than just hanging out on-screen without saying anything because you are waiting for the show to be live everywhere it needs to be live.

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