How to embed a live stream on website

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One way to get more out of your live podcasts: Embed the live stream on your website. There are several ways to do that, whichI discuss in this article and podcast episode.


What is a live stream embed?

A live stream embed is the displaying of a video feed on a website but is housed elsewhere – like YouTube.

It’s easy to embed different content types – podcasts, videos, documents – on a website. It’s an easy way to show off content that isn’t native to a specific website’s Content Management System.

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Why embed a live stream on a website?

Getting more out of your content housed elsewhere is relatively easy and adds valuable elements to articles. It splits them up. For example, adding a podcast embed in-between copy can make the content more visually appealing while giving visitors different ways to consume content.

How to embed live streams

There are several ways to embed live streams. Which way is best for you depends on what platforms you currently stream to and what your setup is.

Switcher Studio

With  Switcher Studio, which is a fantastic iOS app, you can now also embed your livestream on your website.


For example, I use Restream to multi-stream my podcast. Restream now offers two types of embed codes:

  • All livestreams
  • Specific events

You can choose which code you want to use when you set up the event.

embed live stream on website with third-party software

The “one code for all streams” works well on an overall podcast page as a secondary element.

The code for specific events works better in articles or when you are promoting a specific event.

specific embed of a live stream on website

The biggest disadvantage is that viewers can’t set a reminder for this embed of an episode.

Embed YouTube live stream on website

The embed from YouTube is pretty straightforward. Schedule your live stream. I use Restream for this as well. Then go to the YouTube Studio, and find the video in the content section under “live.” Click on the video link to the public version, click share and then embed code.

embed live stream from youtube

YouTube embeds also allow viewers to turn on a reminder for the live stream.


An embed from Facebook is also possible. Just go to the preview post, click the three dots on the top right, copy the embed code and paste it into your post on the website. On the website, it looks just like a Facebook post and allows viewers to turn on notifications.

live stream embed from Facebook


LinkedIn Live doesn’t currently allow embedding of live streams, but you can share a direct link to the live stream on LinkedIn.


The embedding of X posts on a website is currently possible, but live streams on X aren’t published ahead of time – like on LinkedIn and YouTube in preview posts. It’s not possible until the live stream is live.

It’s always good to have options, and options are available for embedding live streams on your website. Which way to go depends on your main channels, where you live stream, and what kind of user experience you want to create. For example, I prefer that my viewers can turn on a reminder for the live stream. So that’s possible with some of these options, but not all.

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