A podcast is a way to share content online that involves only audio. Podcasts can be recorded with two people sitting near each other and using one or two microphones or can be done remotely.

Tools to records podcasts

Audacity allows you to record podcastsAudacity is a free audio editor that can be used to record podcasts from your desktop computer. The software allows editing of the clip, too. Be sure to get a microphone. You can go to your local retail store or get a more expensive version like this one here:

Mobile Podcast appThe Mobile Podcaster app is an easy way to record a podcast from an iPhone or iPad. The app gives the option to use the mobile device’s microphone and records a great-sounding audio track. WordPress users can then link their site or sites in the app and directly upload the audio clip to the site. (Note: We’ve tried this and it works great.)

Podcasts can be embedded into websites and are often offered as downloads so users can listen when they don’t have Internet connectivity. Many podcasts can be subscribed to on iTunes.

Adobe Voice launched in May 2014 and is another tool. It allows people using an iPad to record a story with their voice. People can then add their own photos to illustrate the story.

Transcripts of podcasts

Some podcasters transcribe their published recordings and publish the transcripts. The transcript can be helpful to website visitors who currently cannot listen to the audio but can read the transcripts. Additionally, a transcript can help with search engine optimization. I often get my podcasts transcribed on Fiverr for $5.

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