Is it worth getting a cellular plan with your iPad?

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I’ve been a big fan of the iPad – from when it first came out. I had the first one, which weighed a ton, the second one, and the latest iPad Pro. And every time I get a new iPad, the question comes up: Which version?

Can iPads use cellular data?

The short answer is that yes iPads can use cellular data but you have to buy the right version that has that feature set up.

With my fifth-generation iPad Pro, I did opt-in for the cellular function. Let’s discuss my thinking over the years and what led me to get the cellular plan most recently.

Advantages of WiFi-only iPads

The most significant advantage likely is that it’s cheaper. Right now, the difference for a 12.9-inch iPad Pro is $200. And then there’s no monthly line charge through your cellular provider. So it does save some money.

ipad cellular plan or wifi

Advantages of cellular on iPad

The most significant advantage is that a cellular plan on an iPad allows you to use it everywhere with network coverage without tethering it to your phone or finding a WiFi network.

With the advances in 5G technology, this option for an iPad might become ever more attractive.

When I’m out and about, I have usually tethered my iPad to my iPhone’s hotspot (which is included in a more expensive plan) and use it that way. Indeed, it could be easier to use when it has its connection.

Try one of the stands for your iPad 

But it also depends on how you use your iPad while away from your home or office network. For example, if you use it to livestream or create other live content, it could be advantageous, especially if 5G or 5GUW is faster than the available internet.

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Overall, a cellular plan for an iPad is worth considering if you use the device away from your home or office network and need a good connection. The biggest thing to consider is the added cost and determining whether that added cost is justified.

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