Everyone has an agenda and that’s OK

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I have no agenda.

Baloney. (That’s not swearing. LOL.)

Don’t we all always have an agenda? Having “no agenda” is kind of an agenda, too. Ha.

Really, it’s OK to have an agenda. It means we have a purpose.

If you analyze the stories on here, my talks at conferences or training sessions at companies you can see my agenda very clearly. I’m pretty transparent about it. It’s not usually about money – though I don’t volunteer my time. 🙂

My agenda usually revolves around this:

What value can I add today to help the people around me tell more authentic stories that are super relevant to them and their audiences and that are also helpful to their businesses without being traditional advertisements.

Wait, did I just write a mission statement there? Kind of. Mission statements, when they are lived do set our agenda. Of course, some mission statements just look nice on paper and people forget about them. That’s an entirely different story.

So, why does the whole “somebody has an agenda” thing have a negative connotation?

Probably because people have a tendency to want to get along and be in agreement. And if agendas don’t align there’s a much higher probability for disagreement. Really, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of disagreement, but since it feels more uncomfortable than harmony, it’s easy to see why we might not want it.

Another problem with agendas is when one party of a conversation thinks the other person has a so called hidden agenda.

What do they really mean?

What’s behind their questions?

I’m trying to read between the lines here and I think they are after xyz despite them saying abc.

Reading between the lines and questioning intent – because intent matters – can be hard but we all do it.

The easiest way to avoid the having or not falling into the agenda trap is to:

  • Admit that everyone has an agenda.
  • Be OK with that.
  • Then be transparent about your agenda.
  • Be accepting of other people’s agendas – even if not in agreement with them.

Not to make this anymore complicated but what about the times people aren’t aware of their subconscious agendas? How do you admit something you aren’t aware of? Only by becoming aware of it. It’s OK.

That concludes the agenda of this post. 🙂