How to do Instagram Reel transitions

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Using Instagram Reel transitions in those short videos you create can jazz the videos up, and adding them is easy. But how do you produce the transitions, and when do Instagram Reel transitions make sense?

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What are Instagram Reel transitions?

On the most basic level, video transitions get us from one video clip to another. They can show the passing of time in longer videos or simply make things more engaging and make the video move faster. Here are three examples of how I used transitions in my Instagram Reels.

The content strategy works when done right.


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Tell me you are a content creator without telling me you are


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How to shoot Reels with transitions in mind

Many of the Reels I’ve been creating are just one-take videos. Point the camera, and shoot the video in one clip. Unfortunately, that won’t work when I want to use transitions. Even if the change is between two identical video points, I still need to stop the recording and start a new one.

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That way, there’s a place where the transition can be added easily.

Adding a transition

At the most basic level, you can create transitions by simply uploading or recording separate clips. Instagram just transitions from clip to clip. But those transitions are pretty basic and not as fancy as some of the others available in the Instagram app.

To add a “fancier” transition, click “next” until you reach the screen where it says “clips” at the bottom.

Where to create Instagram Reels transitions

From there, you can see the clips next to each other. To add a transition, click on the transitions button.

adding transitions in instagam reels

From there, you can add transitions between each clip by clicking on the plus sign.

adding transition between instagram reel clip

Click on the plus sign to see the options of transitions available.

options for transitions in Instagram Reels

Once added, finalize the video, add your caption and publish.

Not every Reel needs fancy transitions – or any transitions – but knowing how to use Instagram Reels transitions is a nice way to change up the look of Reels and perhaps make them more engaging – when it makes sense.

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