How to schedule TikToks

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I’m a fan of scheduling social media posts, and now it’s even possible to schedule TikToks. But it won’t work for all creators and in all instances. Let’s dive into that topic here.

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Why to schedule TikToks?
Can you schedule TiksToks from within TikTok?
Using Buffer to schedule TikToks
Disadvantages of scheduling TikToks

Why schedule TikToks?

Scheduling social media posts is an excellent strategy for when you create posts in batches or on a schedule. For example, my daughter and I do almost daily Instagram Reels and TikToks using trending sounds.

We could easily create a handful every few days and then publish them later at an interval that makes sense. So that’s where the scheduling makes sense. Business storytellers certainly can follow that same strategy.

Can you schedule TikToks from within TikTok?

Yes and no. You can’t schedule from within the app but can schedule from the web interface. To do this, your TikTok account must be set to a business account.

In the app, the creator workflow often looks like this:

  • Record a TikTok

  • Add effects, etc.
  • Publish

Alternatively, in the app, you can save TikToks to be published later as drafts, but those drafts won’t automatically publish later until you go back in and push the publish button.

But, TikTok now allows you to upload and schedule TikToks from the web interface. So, access your TikTok account from a desktop browser, click “upload,” and then toggle on the schedule functionality. You’ll have to set the time and date for the post to publish manually each time.

schedule tiktok on tiktok

Using Buffer to schedule TikToks

To schedule TikToks, you can also use a third-party platform like Buffer.

Buffer, the social media scheduling platform offers this functionality. Go to your Buffer dashboard and add a channel.

schedule tiktoks from buffer

You have to have a TikTok business account for this connection, so let me quickly share how to set that up.

Setting up a TikTok business account

Click on the three lines from your profile page within the TikTok app (not the web browser).

setting up a tiktok business account 1

Then go to settings and manage your account.

setting up a tiktok business account 2

setting up a tiktok business account 2

Then switch to a business account. Mine already is a business account, so this says, “switch to a personal account.”

setting up a tiktok business account 1

Once that’s all set up, go back to Buffer in your web browser and click the connect TikTok button. Then, log into TikTok, and you should be all set.

How to schedule TikToks in Buffer

You can schedule TikToks in Buffer from the web or mobile apps. This is especially helpful for companies and creators that shoot and edit their TikToks outside of the TikTok app. In Buffer, you can set the daily frequency and publishing times, and Buffer will then add your new video to the next available spot.

schedule tiktoks in buffer

If you upload several TikToks at a time, this is way more efficient than manually entering the time for each post.

What are the disadvantages of scheduling TikToks

The biggest downfall might be that everything has to be produced outside of TikTok, so you aren’t remixing or stitching another TikTok video, for example. But, as is often the case, depending on what you post on TikTok, that might not matter. For example, these weekly consumer studies are created outside of TikTok and shared on TikTok anyway.

So if that’s your workflow and strategy, scheduling TikToks makes sense and can make the workflow easier.


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