How to upload a podcast to all platforms

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Starting a podcast is a great way to stand out in crowded markets – especially when others aren’t quite yet on the podcasting bandwagon. Of course, then it comes to asking how to upload a podcast to all platforms?

So, let’s dive in…

What does all podcast platforms even mean?

I look at these in three ways:

  • The traditional podcast platforms (Apple, for example)
  • Newer ones with different workflows (YouTube)
  • Live platforms
  • TV

Certainly, the platforms that should be included are:

The list can certainly change. For example, Google used to have Google Podcasts but sunset that app in 2024.

When it comes to livestreaming your podcast, I would recommend streaming at least to:

  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • X

You likely have to negotiate with them directly to get your podcast onto a TV network and then upload it to their system. My show – “The Business Storytelling Show,” runs on DBTV, for example.

Try this mobile podcasting kit

mobile podcasting kit

Options to upload a recorded podcast to all platform

For podcast distribution – the more traditional way- several options and platforms are available. Some handle the distribution and setup automagically, and others tell you where to sign up for each platform with the RSS feed they provide. Then, once that’s set, distribution or uploading to their platforms happens in one swoop once a show has been uploaded. Hosting platforms include:

Options to distribute live recordings of podcasts

Some podcasters use tools like Riverside to record their shows. That platform even now integrates with Spotify for Podcasters. I’m a fan of recording my episodes while doing a live stream.

To do that, the market leaders with web-based production/livestreaming studios are:

Once done with the live stream, just download the file, trim it, and upload it to one of the hosting providers.

Of course, once the podcasts are on those different platforms, make sure to promote them through short video clips, by embedding them on your website (and consider setting up a podcast site), and writing articles about the episodes’ topics.

Do you have a podcast mic? Try this one!

podcast microphone

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