How to handle a new job announcement on LinkedIn

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There are a number of ways you can handle a new job announcement on LinkedIn – if you want to even announce the new job at all. In this article, I share how to handle new job announcements on LinkedIn and what to consider before pushing “update.”

Let’s dive into the announcement options, which I break down as follows:

  • Create a post to share your new job announcement
  • Add the new job to your LinkedIn profile
    • Share the update publicly
    • Do not share it publicly
  • Do an article or LinkedIn newsletter

Before you update your LinkedIn, though, consider the goal first, which could include:

  • Simply to keep your LinkedIn updated
  • To let your network know you have switched jobs
  • Humble bragging a bit
  • To drive business
  • Other

Whatever the goal is, think about what you are trying to accomplish and then build your update strategy on that.

Create a post for your new job announcement

These often start like this:

It’s my pleasure to announce that today is my first day at XYZ company.

new job announcement post on LinkedIn

These posts will directly show up in people’s feeds and the LinkedIn algorithm seems to favor these posts and they do get some decent reach. Network connections are also likely to like and/or comment.

Updating your LinkedIn profile with a new job

Adding the new job and company to the LinkedIn profile is probably pretty standard but there’s a decision point on whether that update should be made public or not. First, go to your profile and add the new job.

adding a new job to LinkedIn

When you add it you get the options of letting your network know about it or not letting them know. It’s simply an on-off toggle switch.

announcing new job via updating linkedin

If you click the notify network option, LinkedIn pushes out an automatic post over time (it might not be instant) that says “<your name> started a new job at XYZ as ABC.” People can like and comment on that, too. In fact, the first time you’ll see that post is when somebody interacts with it.

Share the news in an article/newsletter

If you have a lot to say about the new job, you could consider doing an article or LinkedIn newsletter post on your profile.

Be ready for messages if you announce the new job

Probably the most important part of the strategy should be to think about what you will do when people message you.

Some people might message with legitimate business requests depending on what your new job is. It is important to keep that in mind and have a plan to follow up quickly. We wouldn’t want to write back: “Oh sorry I’m onboarding for six months. Talk to you then.”

Remember not everyone messaging is a lead. Some people are “just” connections. They are happy for you to advance your career. In the case of those messages, the plan should include responding with “thank you.”

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If people take the time to message privately, you could also consider responding with a quick LinkedIn voice message.

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