Should we try the Twitter threads function?

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I would highly recommend that you try Twitter threads for ongoing stories. Start with an (hopefully) interesting tweet, then add to it (aka keep replying to it).I’ve done this for Twitter chats and since threads are new some people found that to be cool ? .I also used a thread on my latest travel story that took me from San Francisco to Dallas to Chicago overnight to Cedar Rapids. Seriously, I’ve had shorter trips to Europe. Ha.

Here’s the thread. How do tweets in threads perform?The first tweet in the thread had about 3200 impressions in a few hours. From there the numbers went down, which is expected as you lose readers with every click in action that’s required. And I think the way it works is that people typically will only see the thread when they see the top tweet. I think. Unless you tag them of course.That number of impressions of course is not bad but it doesn’t even break the top 10 of most viewed tweets for me in the last 28 days. All of those had more than 3,800 impressions.

But of course the beauty in this functionality is that you can keep things that are related together and the people that actually want to read more can do that. It potentially gives related tweets a longer shelf life as the story is connected and not just a bunch of disconnected tweets that could show up out of order – due to Twitter’s algorithm.

How to do a Twitter thread

Here’s how it looks on mobile: simply start composing a tweet and then instead of tweeting it, click on the little plus sign to add another tweet:

After you’ve added a number of tweets you can click on tweet all in the top right to push them all out at once.

I don’t know exactly how that appears in user timelines but the few times I’ve done it I haven’t heard any complaints and only heard positive feedback.

Twitter threads wrap

Twitter threads is a nice way to keep stories together on Twitter. Do you use this new function and is it worth it in your opinion? Message me here.