Why YouTube TV sponsoring the 2019 Super Bowl pregame show was brilliant [Advertising commentary]

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I was watching part of the pregame show for the big game between the LA Rams and the New England Patriots on CBS over an HD antenna.

I watch most of my TV and other shows over Hulu, Netflix or YouTube regular. Sometimes I use the HD antenna. Feels old school!

An Uber passenger the morning of the game was telling me he was working as a cook during the game and was planning on watching on his phone via Yahoo Sports. “We need to go back. I forgot my charger. Here’s a $5 cash tip.”

We have enough options to watch sports and anything today!

So I’m watching the pregame show and they cut to break.

“We’ll be right back for the YouTube TV pregame show…”

Say what?

Of course, YouTube – which is owned by Google – is now also trying to break into the TV market. They call themselves cable-free live TV at $40/month. Here’s what they offer:

I knew what YouTube TV was before February 2019 and I even tried it before, but it still caught my eye during the Super Bowl and I even checked in on the latest offerings via Google and a branded search, of course.

According to Google Trends, I wasn’t the only one. Take a look at how searches spiked during the show:

Wow. Search volume can be an indicator of success of a mass campaign.

Remember when Nike ran the Colin Kaepernick ad. They took so much heat but their searches went through the roof, way more than the competition and later they reported making a ton of money. Talk about a good campaign!

I wonder how many people went and signed up for YouTube TV!

So strategic advertising isn’t dead and can drive results. I’m in the field of digital all kinds of things and I did a double take when I saw the mention. I bet others did the same and the live Google Trends seem to confirm that.

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